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From The Well Ministries

Our Vision / Our Mission / What We Believe

Our Vision

From the Well Ministries’ vision is to see marriages forever changed by the loving and healing power of God’s Word, the Bible, and by the transformational power of His Holy Spirit.  As couples allow God to refresh and restore their marriages, their families are positively impacted and in doing so, this healing stream can help bring wholeness into their local church and out into their surrounding communities.  Additionally, From the Well Ministries seeks to help local churches support their marriages (and families) through mentoring, discipleship and accountability venues. 

Our Goal:  To see the biblical church become one in Christ by creating His Kingdom culture beginning with our marriages, then our families, thus helping our churches become the real reflection of Christ. Then and only then, will our communities begin to see the true reflection of Christ.  We become His thirst quenchers here on earth.  This begins with changed hearts and lives resulting from His loving Lordship and our humility.

 Our Mission

Through a variety of individual and church-related venue offerings, From the Well Ministries seeks to provide biblical training and resources designed to enable the healthy development of married couples who freely and joyfully reflect the image of Jesus Christ. We seek to create a thriving transformation of marriages that reflect a kingdom culture of covenant and oneness that flows into their families, and within biblical churches, with the aim of reflecting a living image of Christ to a dying world. 

Our Goal:  To see His body, the church, reflect and restore as one refreshing rushing river of Spirit and Truth – worshipping one Christ and Lord as one people.

What We Believe

Giving couples the gift of pause and reflection to help them receive fresh perspectives, new hope,  understanding and healing.   This can bring them to a place of new strength and success, both in their own lives, as a couple, and extending into their families and their future legacies.  At times we need to pause in the heat of life, bringing our mess to the well where He can be revealed and we can become refreshed.  As we come to know and accept Him as our Lord God over each and every part of our lives, we receive new life and with that new life, worship Him in Spirit and Truth. This true life-giving change, that changes you first, and then spreads to others, begins and is sustained only by One, Jesus the Messiah.  Come to the well...He is waiting for you.  John 4:4-26.

Our Goal:  Offer a respit for couples, by providing them with undistracted time together, set in a safe and confidential environment, where deep discussions and personal reflections can naturally occur.

Our Foundation